About Us


We're Karen and Sam, mother and daughter, and founders of FUSE LIVE.

We have many decades of experience designing the most perfect low impact, high intensity workouts. Our dedication to healthy living and commitment to fitness runs in our blood. It's a passion we have always shared. Our mission is to show you that working out is an opportunity to relieve stress, build self-esteem, find balance, and improve both mental and physical health. 

FUSE LIVE is our online, fully virtual LIVE and on demand app, platform and connected group to help you reach and exceed your wellness goals... it's so much more than just a workout! It’s a community. When you sweat together, you learn how to share, admire, lead, follow and ultimately achieve more. 

We are beyond proud to share this fitness concept and community with you. Fuse is ever-evolving to bring our members the very best in sustainable fitness.

Our classes are hard work: not because we want you to punish your body, but because we believe high intensity, low impact movement helps improve your body and well-being.

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